What’s New in True Fakes 2.0.0

  • We dramatically speed up the whole True Fakes (more than 200 times)! Now fakes generation process is really inconspicuous for developer and almost doesn’t contribute to the whole solution compilation.
  • True Fakes now supports Windows Phone 8.1. Now all of your Windows Phone apps become more stable.
  • We finalized the support of all .NET projects (ASP.NET, .NET Core, Universal App Platform etc.).
  • True Fakes Framework is now portable (it supports Profile111). It means, that can write unit tests in Portable Class Library and then run it on the devices by including PCL assembly in the desired Unit Test Project.
  • It’s not necessary now to mark test methods with TrueFake attribute.
  • Now True Fakes supported Visual Basic language.
  • We have completely revise True Fakes Core and have fixed dozens of defects, thereby True Fakes has become faster and more stable.

What’s New in True Fakes 1.1.2

  • We have moved to a new licensing system. To use True Fakes please register at True Fakes Account and authorize when you add True Fakes to your project. Please read more about it in the Getting Started section.
  • Despite the fact that we focus on Xamarin developers, we also develop and support other .NET projects types. So, we have fixed some fake-classes generation bugs in ASP.NET projects.
  • Fixed the bug leading to limit the debugging in some cases.
  • Fixed other minor bugs in the fake generation utility.

What’s New in True Fakes 1.1

  • Added Recursive Mocking support. Now you do not have to generate tons of dependent fakes. More info about this feature can be found in the Recursive Mocking section.
  • Added checking call order support. For more information about this feature please see Checking Call Order section.
  • Added Portable Class Libraries support. Now you can isolate dependencies which are in the PCL.
  • Added ability to arrange properties which have only set, but have no get accessor.
  • Fixed minor bugs in the framework and the fake generation utility.